Poster for World Aids Day
After a great morning with the group of house churches I went back to Nathan & Marise's where I am staying and took a power nap for 45 minutes and then had to shower and turn around to get to the concert which was to start at 5:00pm -- I got home from Church at 3:00pm.  Tonight there was a concert planned for World Aids Day that was going to feature Sheldon Bangera and his band who would be leading us in a time of Worship and Celebration and then there were going to be testimonies by another young man and then myself.  Boy -- what a blessed night.

Andi Eicher - Introducing the Night
After starting with an opening prayer we were treated to about 30 minutes of music from Sheldon Bangera and his band.

Sheldon Bangera Band

This guy has such an anointing of Joy and Liberty in his music -- the whole band lead us into a great
time of worship!  Here is a small clip of one song:

After the first set - there was a brother who was living with HIV that shared his testimony -- always powerful when someone local speaks about these issues!

Testimony about living with HIV
Sheldon proceeded to bless us with another set of great music and then I was given the opportunity to share.  I shared my entire testimony about what God has brought me out of and also living with an AIDS diagnosis.  The name of the concert was the Redemption Concert -- and we gave God glory by testifying to just that -- he Redeemed me from a very broken place and put my life back on track.

The song that followed my time of sharing was God is Good -- what a beautiful time in God's presence -- I only captured just a bit but you can get the idea . . .and yes . . . .God is good!

Andi Eicher shared about how people could get involved in serving the HIV/AIDS community and also how we could work towards getting to Zero with infections and deaths!  A positive, powerful and possible goal in Jesus!  There were opportunities for people to visit different tables outside from various organizations to get literature or to sign up to volunteer.

Jeevan Sahara Kendra's Table - World AIDS Day
passing out literature

We closed with a time of sharing by the gentleman that started Jaago -- an organization mobilizing youth to be all that they can be in Christ -- a great ministry and a wonderful host for the evening.

Here is one final clip of a fun song . . ..

A very talented brother who I hope to minister with again in India!



Hola Juan. Looks like you paid fine attention to World Aids Day there in India. Love that you included some of the worship, especially the last with such life in it. Thought you might like to know World Aids Day got some real and informative attention here in Guatemala too! Praise God! Still a long way to go, but a good start. Love that we can journey right along with you as Jesus unfolds your current adventure. Thank you for being faithful. Dios te bendiga!
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed the videos John, and Sheldon, thank you for your worship!

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