Weekend with friends

On Friday evening I travelled by taxi to a town called Borivill -- where I met my friend Ajay and his daughter Shupra and her husband Elijah.  We spent the evening catching up a bit and then Saturday morning had a chance to go for a short trip to beach.  We travelled by auto-ric to the boat dock and then took a ferry across the river -- took about 5 minutes.  There were motorcycles and people on the boat and it tilted to the right with the weight -- a bit nervy for a minute.  When we reached the other side, we got another auto that took us to a place near the beach and walked the rest of the way.  There was a very cool place under the palm trees -- which Ajay told me was where his daughter Shupra got married to Elijah -- a great place for a wedding.

It was nice just to hang out and reconnect and to talk about what God has been doing in our lives.  We had some tea from the resort owner and had a chance to share about Jesus with him -- that was very cool.  Ajay has a way of connecting with everyone and always passing out tracks to the auto-ric guys and telling them about the "Guru" named Jesus.  Great testimony.

I also loved my time with Shupra and Elijah -- and hearing about his native country of Tonga -- when I did a search on google I saw the map and when I decided to back out of the location it began to turn into just a pin drop in the ocean as Australia and New Zealand came into the picture -- such a small country but so great hearing about the cultural traditions there and also the opportunity they have to go back and be a witness for Jesus.  I admire them for what they are about to do -- I am praying for all of God's provision for them and timing as well.

Sunday -- I had a chance to bring the word at Ajay's home church which met outside at a location pretty near his home.  I had the privilege of meeting some nice people, including the head of Ellel India.

I was blessed with great hospitality -- great cooking by Shupra and Elijah and lots of sharing and laughter -- refreshed in Jesus . . . sorry I don't have pics -- I was too busy just enjoying myself.

peace . . . J


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