Sunday Morning with the House Churches at Lok Hospital

I had the privilege of spending the morning with Andi & Sheba Eicher and the group of house churches that meet for special occasions at Lok Hospital.  Lok Hospital is the location for Jeevan Sahara Kendra ministry as of a few years ago and also the home of this wonderful group of brothers and sisters.  The meeting was held outside and it opened with a nice time of worship.  After that brother Oliver shared from the word about Communion and led us to the Lord's table.  Oliver is working about 1 and 1/2 hours out into a village area sharing the gospel and building a church.  The elders joined him and served us communion.  The custom there is to break for tea after Communion and then to have a time of fellowship before the message.  I think it is a good custom -- also great for potty breaks!

When we reconvened, I was invited to bring the message and Andi Eicher interpreted for me.  It always makes things longer with interpretation -- but because there was such a variety of folks from various parts of the area in this fellowship -- it was important to make sure everyone understood!

I was blessed to have my friend Ajay and his son-in-law.  I met Ajay in 2009 near Manchester, England at the Ellel Grange 9-week school on Healing, Deliverance & Discipleship -- such a great brother and friend!  Looking forward to spending the weekend with him and his family!

John & Ajay -- love his shirt 70 going on 17!


A joy to hear the details. You remind us God is a God of order and unity. But this is where we see His glory and beauty because we have "One Thing" we have desired of the Lord. (Psalm 27:4)
Anonymous said…
Grateful for your hardwork both in preparation, speaking and blogging, thank you John.

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