St. Paul's Cathedral & VIctoria Memorial in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial - Kolkata
I had a chance on Thursday, the day the nuns have a dedicated day of prayer -- to go and see the Victoria Memorial and also a beautiful old Cathedral called St. Pauls.  Both are very elegant buildings but the Victoria Memorial is absolutely beautiful.  It was just very wierd being a city that is pretty dirty and run down and spending time at a home full of destitute people -- to go and look at this very grand building.  I found myself thinking -- it seems very irrelevant right about now.  And yet -- that is not how I would normally respond.  I typically love beautiful things and celebrate them and esepcially architecture, etc.  For some reason -- the last week has been heavy to process with those people at the homes.

However, I am glad I got out and enjoyed some of the sites before I worked my last day on Friday.

Here are some pictures of the Cathedral and also the Memorial!

St. Paul's Cathedral

Closer look at the Memorial in Front.

Back of Victoria Memorial

Part of Tailored Gardens behind Memorial


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