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Suneeta Leading Worship at Positive Friends
Each time I come back to India -- I have the privilege of meeting up with the Positive Friends group through Jeevan Sahara Kendra which now meets at LOK Hospital.  The positive friends is a support group for those that are living with HIV/AIDS.  When I return I see that some are still attending - -and I thank God for their lives -- other have struggled for one reason or another.  In some cases they might have passed on.

This time was especially nice for me as there were a few familiar faces that go back to the first time we were together in 2006 in Igat Puri -- amazing.  

When you get some time under your belt living with HIV/AIDS and you are blessed with health -- you begin to have different things to talk about.  I had shared how I hit the wall with taking all of my meds -- I take 9 pills a day - -some really big ones.  I am so grateful that God has used these drugs to keep me alive.  But it can get old -- I shared that with the group - to encourage them that it might happen.

Later on in the time of sharing a young woman got up to share -- and Andi Eicher was translating from the local language to English for me.  While she was sharing her story -- everyone started to laugh -- and I said to Andi what is up -- he said, hang on.  She went on to say how she was saying she was getting sick from the meds and did not want to take them and thought to herself - -how I can I take this medicine everyday for the rest of my life and thought after hearing me share she almost did not want to talk because she has to take only 1 pill each day.  We all laughed and she said -- she will no longer complain!

I shared with them how my walk with Jesus has made me a stronger person and encouraged them to support those around them and to consider how they might be of service in the kingdom of God!


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