Last Day & Night in Kolkata!

Taxi ride to Kolkata Airport!

I spent my last day and night in Kolkata by working at Mother Theresa's home in Kaligat and then spending some time taking a rest and starting to pack.  One of the guys at the Mission Baptist house was kind enough to get my laundry done for me very cheap and it would be arriving early Saturday morning before I leave for the airport.  So it was some packing -- a trip to a local restaurant for a dinner and then off to sleep and up early for my next journey.

A knock at my door at 6:45am was the young guy who had my laundry -- just like he promised and he was so proud as he showed me each item that it had been pressed and folded.  He also wanted to share with me that he had 3 boys and they were from a village way up in the north and that he worked really hard here in Kolkata -- but he liked it here.

I thanked him for his work, gave him a good tip and packed my new clean clothes - showered and was off to breakfast.

Soon enough -- the taxi had arrived and I was going to be off on my new adventure -- back to the airport in Kolkata and then it was a flight to Mumbai on Indigo Airlines . . .

Boarding my Flight to Mumbai!

goodbye Kolkata -- see you soon!



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