HCU - Church at Powai - India

Attendees for HCU Course at Church at Powai

"Thanks John, you opened our eyes and hearts yesterday. Its a complete paradigm shift. I promise to love the Sinner (including me) much much much more (like Jesus) than i hate the SIN. May Lord Jesus strengthen you to shout out more for HIS glory."   HCU Attendee - India

"I was so blessed yesterday and so grateful for your brave transparency!  What a powerful testimony and thank you for letting the Lord use you."  HCU Attendee

"John, thanks for all that you shared yesterday. The Word of God came forth so clearly and powerfully as you spoke under His anointing. We were truly blessed, challenged and encouraged. It is a word that the Church in America, India and throughout the world needs to hear and walk in."  HCU-Pastor-India

 . . .  These were just some of the comments that came forth from this ground-breaking Workshop!

The Homosexuality, The Church & You (HCU) Course had its inaugural run on Wednesday and it was a blessing!

It was presented by Sampoornatha, a Christian Counseling Ministry that is based out of Church at Powai.  A young woman named Sneha was gracious in setting things up and she did an amazing job.  She worked closely with Andi Eicher from Jeevan Sahara Kendra and also with Pastor Cecil Clements from Church at Powai (CAP).  I have spoken at CAP on a couple occasions -- so I had the privilege of knowing Pastor Cecil -- and he was excited about letting this take place.

Really great time of worship together!

I believe there were about 34 that registered and then with staff and others there was about 40 people present.  We started out with a time of worship that was wonderfully led by a Husband and wife team from the CAP and then after introductions -- we began.  There are four Sessions in this Workshop -- PERSONAL, THEOLOGY, IDENTITY, ENCOUNTER -- the day started at 9:30am with worship and we finished our last session and closing prayer at 6:30pm.  A very full day.

I was feeling feverish when I started and my throat was very scratchy -- I so appreciated the prayer in support of this course, and got through the day by His grace for sure.

For me this is very significant to be having these conversations in a church early on in this dialogue with the topic of homosexuality.  To be able to openly discuss these things and have the endorsement from the church is a blessing to me and an affirmation that I am on track with what God has called me to.  I think it is so important to stop just reacting to old mindsets and judgmental attitudes and give people a place of understand to move in love and mercy instead of just reacting out of fear.

To share His heart and truth surrounding these issues and let the body of Christ around the world be both an instrument of Truth & Healing!

John Teaching the Fourth Session ENCOUNTER!

Seat of Mercy Ministries is very excited to have had this workshop professionally video-taped just prior to me leaving the states.  We hope to raise the funds to have it edited, produced and packaged by late Spring of 2014.  It will be helpful to get it out there as I can only travel so far so fast.  Looking forward to what else God will do!

I slept very well Wednesday Night!

Peace my friends,


Sam said…
Hey John!
Just wanted to let you know that my wife Renu & I were blessed to spend time with you at Nathan & Marise's place the evening before and at the HCU at CAP. You have helped us to overcome the misconceptions we have been living with for years. We believe we are closer to loving people unconditionally now after hearing you and interacting with you.
You are in our prayers that God will bless your work.
Love & blessings, Sam

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