Monday, December 9, 2013

Fun Send Off

JSK - Staff & friends

On Friday - my last day in Thane and with JSK -- we had a chance to spend some time together with the staff for a time of ministry.  I was asked to share some final thoughts.  What I had a strong impression of, was how far God has brought them as a ministry, and all that they each have walked through in order to see that come about.  God calls us to persevere in life and in ministry.  Sometimes it is just by continuing to show up that we see His faithfulness.

Flavia & Me

I also had the chance to reconnect with Flavia.  She was someone who I met on my very first time to India when we did the "There Is Hope" Conference that Samaritans Purse sponsored.  She was sharing publicly about her status as someone living with HIV -- which was a very bold thing to do, especially for a woman in India.  I am blessed every time I see her with the courage she continues to have at being an example!

Andi had a couple friends visiting him from Australia named Jeremy & Mary -- they go way back to the OM days.  Jeremy and Mary helped organize some of the games we played -- including one where they taped names of famous people to the back of 3 people at a time and they had to ask the rest of the group questions to figure out who they were!  That was fun . . .

All and all a very good and full week --

Here is a cool photo of Andi & Sheba, Asha & Enoch -- so great to see the kids grow up and blossom.

Me & The Eichers

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