Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Three-Nation Journey Begins



New York City - Nov. 15 - 21
Kolkata - Nov. 23 - 30
Mumbai/Thane - Nov. 30 - Dec. 9
Bhubaneswar - Dec. 9 - 16
Bangalore - Dec. 16 - 20
Hyderabad - Dec. 20 - 27
Chennai - Dec. 27- 30
Colombo - Dec. 30 - Jan. 6
Pak Chong - Jan. 6 - 13
Delhi - Jan. 13 - 18th
Jan. 19th 

It sometimes takes a bit to get organized when moving around the world -- especially when you are continually on the move.  We don't really realize how much of our sense of order comes from routine, and being in the same place.  Once I leave home, I am unteathered from the routine that I am used to and change has to become the new normal.  Not a bad adjustment and just what we do when God calls us to move.

I share the itinerary above so that you will be able to see the different cities that I will be visiting in the 3 Nations of India, Sri Lanka & Thailand.  Of course I begin in the 4th Nation of the USA -- but that's home!

I leave tomorrow for Kolkata via London and New Delhi which will take about 25 hours.  I have wanted to visit for Kolkata for quite some time and especially wanted to see the work where Mother Theresa's mission first began.  I will have the privilege of staying down the street at a simple mission guest house and actually serving at with the Missionaries for Charity for a few days.  Stay tuned as I hope to update on each place with as many stories and impressions that I can -- hopefully it will be interesting and you will be blessed as you follow along!

In the meantime -- I have 24 hours left in New York City and I am off to grab some coffee and spend some much needed time with a great friend!



David Edward said...

Blessings to you, Brother John, and Happy thanksgiving inn advance. i may do this some year just to alleviate the pre-holiday blues I seem to get. will pray for your trip. You are doing a wonderful thing.

Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

looking forward to your time here in Mumbai and Thane bro!

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