T-Minus 12 Hours

That is exactly how much time I have left before I take off on this next two month adventure!  I will be leaving at 6:15 am for the airport tomorrow which will start my journey to New York via -Seattle, Chicago & Newark, New Jersey!  One of the downsides of cheaper tickets is being booked on flights that resemble more of a commuter bus than a plane.  No problem -- were getting there, right?

Interesting -- tried to take a pic of my passport and evidently it is backwards on the camera . . . hmmm -- trying reading that out loud!

I will have 6 days in the City and I am looking forward to spending time with friends, going to the doctors and enjoying a bit more of the USA before I am off for India on Nov. 21st . . . until then. . . .

Stay tuned . . . .



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