Christmas Comes Early!

I arrived in New York on Friday evening and had a great catch up visit with an old friend on Saturday. Sunday I spent the whole day with Raji, a young man that I have been mentoring over the past 7 years and attended the church he goes to called Liberty NYC.  It is located in Soho and it is a great fellowship.  There was a very gifted young woman who brought the message on Sunday and I was absolutely blessed, challenged and I look forward to posting the message for those that might be interested.   The typical doctors visit that happens when I am in New York took place this morning and then there are a few more things to do and folks to see and then on Thursday I will leave for Kolkota, India -- with a quick stop in London and in New Delhi on the way.

In the meantime -- since I am going to miss Thanksgiving & Christmas & New Years day -- I thought I would share a little holiday cheer that I happened upon this evening in Rockefeller Center.  


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