Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Welcome Home!

I can't believe how fast time flies . . .it has been over 2 1/2 years since I was here in South Africa!  And yet, when I step foot into this country, it is as if I never left.  There is something about how God has fused His heart with me and this place . . . it is truly another home for me.  In fact, a good friend here whenever I come always says, "Welcome Home!"  For those I love and live and commune with back in the states -- it seems odd perhaps to consider somewhere else my home -- and yet -- it is.

The fact is, I feel that way in India as well . . . Experiencing a deep connection with folks through suffering or service has a profound impact on the way we move in those places.   South Africa and India is like that for me . . . my soul has been deeply impacted in these places.  My connection in the states has a totally different story -- yet it is also my home!   For now -- I am in South Africa -- and the first stop was in Johannesburg, in fact -- Soweto.

Getting a chance to be with Praise and his family is a gift . . . Praise Nkosi -- which means, "Praise God" -- is an amazing man of God who I am privileged to call friend.  After arriving on Wednesday after a 30 plus hour journey from Spokane, Washington -- I got up to go with him on Thursday morning to the Eastern Nazarene District Youth Camp and address the young people.  It was in the Limpopo District I think, way past Pretoria.  Our journey was a long one and included a 2 hour pit-stop on the side of the road when the lug nuts on the front right tire had come loose and was making a loud thumping sound -- we found out that we did not have a lug wrench and even our best attempt to flag someone over to help us -- still left us stranded.  No one stopped.  Two things -- the fact that the front tire could have just flown off at speeds upwards of 60 mph on the freeway could have been tragic -- but also realizing the fear that lives in the world and how hard it is to trust that you could help without being hurt here -- with the crime -- is a reality as well.

Thankfully, one of Praise's friends showed up and brought a lug wrench -- but it was too big -- so Praise put a small coin on top of the lug nut and it actually filled the gap and worked!!  During the wait -- I managed to take a peak at some of the open fields around me -- the big sky and open places on either land or sea are beautiful here . . .

Getting to the meeting two and a half hours late changed the whole plan for the day -- we spoke after lunch and then started to head back.  Being in a room with a few hundred youth anywhere in the world is a lively experience -- this was really interesting for me to observe how they were interacting -- many similarities around the world that way.

As we started our journey home we were interrupted yet again -- there were issues with the fuel lines on the way home -- so it took way longer than normal -- at the end of it all it was about a 12 hour journey  . . .

. . . .the adventure has begun!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A.G.A.P.E. (A Global AIDS Perspective Enterprise)

Hurray!  I wanted to share with those that are interested that we now can receive donations in support of the ministry right on the website!  If you would like to support the ongoing efforts of bringing education and awareness to pastors and leaders and the body of Christ to minister to those that are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, around the world, please click on this link and it will take you to the donate page.

As always, we greatly appreciate your prayer support as well.  If you have any questions, you can log onto the main website and check it out.  The main website can be accessed at:

Or you may also e-mail us at:

John Forbes
(A Global AIDS Perspective Enterprise)
A Ministry of The N3 Project

Fall-ing toward Winter.

It seems crazy that the summer is over! Can it really be coming to an end? I was just starting to really appreciate the warm days -- really warm on a few ocassions! I had the privilege of getting out on a couple lakes with my friends and getting on their boats -- I even got a chance to ski after 20 years. None the less, it has been a good season -- of great transition and also great growth. I am very excited for what God has next -- for the ministry and for me and my church family. The N3 Project is officially formed and will serve as the administrative covering for both A.G.A.P.E., (A Global AIDS Perspective Enterprise) and Seat of Mercy Ministries. We had an information night following my preaching on July 29th, 2012 at New Life Community Church (here is a link to the message) We have our first "Parents Workshop" that Seat of Mercy Ministries is conducting beginning October 6th for 4 weeks on Saturdays! Looking forward to see what the Lord will do. Keep us in your prayers as we seek to follow and love Him! Peace John

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chai Chats with the Eichers: Puzzle

Chai Chats with the Eichers: Puzzle
The mountain that is directly up from where the fences meet in the corner is the mountain from the puzzle.  This would be from the Idaho side and of course, cloud cover has lopped off the top!