World AIDS Day

I had a chance to speak at Eastpoint Church in Spokane Valley, WA for World AIDS Day -- I tried to address what I believe are the underlying issues that keep people in the USA from being concerned about HIV/AIDS and especially attitudes in the Church. Eastpoint did an awesome job at hosting, including their drama team! So grateful to Pastor Kurt Bubna and the staff and also to Alissa Clary who is a member at Eastpoint but also has been an Assistant and Friend to me in the Ministry!

The Six Dumbest Things I Learned In Church - "God hates their sin more than mine!" from Eastpoint Church on Vimeo.


Trevain said…
Dear Bro.John,
I'm so much touched by this video. Thank you so much that you became a voice for all those who do not have a chance to voice out. And I'm sure God is doing something wonderful through you.
I'm very proud of you and thank God for you.
God bless you mightily as you carry on your mission of voicing out for the least and the lost so that people would listen to the heartbeat of God for those living with HIV/AIDS.
Blessings my brother.
Michael Vinson said…
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Michael Vinson said…
Well done. Proud of you. Continue sharing the Father's heart.

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