Telling Your Story - Hyderabad - 2011

This was day two of the conferences. Established to help people break out of stigma and to be able to speak boldly about their diagnosis and also their faith in God, if they choose to. The day starts with people at tables of four to six. Each person takes 5 minutes telling their story. We then move to "charting it out" and each person takes a piece of Art Paper and graphs out a timeline -- from birth to present. They use colored pens, pencils, paint, crayons, pictures from magazines, newspapers, stickers and whatever else they choose to express there story. They then tell their story to the table again.

After lunch we transfer from the Chart to paper -- and "Write It Out" moving them to a more formal presentation to the table. Afterwards we have a time of prayer and worship for "His healing & Your story" for God to come and touch the hearts of those that are working through these things. This is usually a powerful time of people being set free from shame and guilt and many things.

The last session is Called Stand & Deliver -- where in each person has the opportunity to come up front after the chairs are placed Theatre Style -- and to share their story with the whole room. This is a thrilling time as people work through the nerves -- of which we openly acknowledge as being "normal" -- and where most people thought 2 or 3 might do it -- we had a whopping 26 out of 48 -- and only because we ran out of time. Some shared with great boldness others with laughter and some with tears. You could see that many of these people had never shared this information with anyone out loud. The reality that they were doing it was emotional for some.

I was thrilled with the results -- when the day was over -- they were changed. You could see it on their faces . . .they were going out in the world Different.

I praise God yet again for taking what was a terrible situation in my own life and turning it around to be used for others in the rest of the world.

Enjoy the photos . . .


Kerry Wiens said…
My favorite part is when people have the courage to stand in front of that microphone!!! So amazing!

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