Rubber Trees

Ok . . .had an education on Rubber Trees. First of all they are not made out of rubber (smile). Second of all the way the rubber is actually made is a cool process. Evidently the grove of trees is planted in a specific manner, and then there is a hole that is punched into the trunk wherein the milky like substance can flow out. They then place a plastic guide around the tree so that the milky substance can flow down and around the trunk and right into these little black clay jars. The jars are emptied every so often and the milky white substance is mixed with ammonia and perhaps some other chemicals and then it is rolled out and pressed into sheets. They are cut into squares and then sold to various tire companies and other places that will melt down the product in order to morph it into something else.

After viewing some of these trees near Saji's sisters' house -- we happened upon a shop downtown that actually processes the rubber and had a chance to get a couple shots . . .pretty amazing seeing things come out of nature like that . . .


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