I had a really full and blessed time with my friends and family in the Mumbai/Thane area. I was able to stay with Nathan Andrews who is working with LAVASA, his wife Dr. Marise Andrews who is working at JSK, and with their little girl Kia. Nathan has been developing a brand new city and connecting up many different Universities, Hotels, Retail Stores and other services for this new living area. It is situated on top of a hill just outside of Pune and it is very beautiful. Looking at some of the pictures -- it has come so far. Being with them made me feel so comfortable! They attend Church at Powai, and Pastor Cecil asked if I would preach on the Sunday and so even with a full schedule I felt I was supposed to . . .and I said yes. I spoke on The Road to Emmaus, Luke 24 -- God blessed our time together at church. I consider CAP part of my Indian Church Family. Here are a couple shots from the balcony and a shot of Nathan at Brunch after Church at a hotel. When he sat down I told him, you could not plan a better background at a photo shoot. . . wait till you see how your shirt matches the room. (Kia and Marise were up getting food).


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