It always does my heart good to be back with Andi & Sheeba and the folks at JSK. They have such a solid work to those living with HIV/AIDS and I consider Andi a mentor who has shown me by example about persevering and faithfulness. I had a few days with them that included sharing devotions with the staff and then visiting and counseling with some of the patients. Some of the patients I had seen before and it was so good to see them again - doing and looking well. Others have faced challenges that have set them back . .. but God is faithful and continues to reach out and draw to himself.

They are waiting for the New Bethany Hospital (see post) to be finished, so they can occupy LOK Hospital's First Floor -- this will be a very big transfer for them as they will be able to really treat patients to stay overnight and increase their medical services.

In the afternoon of one of the days I had a chance to share about ministering to those living with HIV/AIDS and I spoke about ministering to the whole person. That when Paul mentions in 1 Thes.5:23, "I pray that you would be made whole in your Spirit, Soul & Body," and that we can see that there are ways we can NOT be whole in either our Spirit Soul or Body. We spoke about the challenges people face with coming off of drugs or dealing with depression and how to walk through these harder issues with folks. It was a good time.

After that session -- Andi called together a group to join so I could share my testimony - -some of those that came were old friends who we did conferences with 3-5 years ago - and it was just a blessing for me to see so many of them looking healthy and happy and moving forward in their lives. Getting a chance to see some of the fruit of having sewn a portion into their lives is a great blessing for me. They encouraged me. There was a man and his wife who were Hindus -- who were greatly impacted by the testimony and I look forward to hearing really great things from this man and his wife (who had wanted to commit suicide just a week before) about what God is doing in and through their lives.

We ended the 5 days with Sunday Night speaking to a group of people in Mulund about The Church and Homosexuality - a proper response called, The Seat of Mercy. It was a challenge, and such a big topic -- having the proper amount of time and setting is very important -- each time we do these things -- I learn more and more. . . grateful to those that came and I trust God will open more doors.


Anonymous said…
brother john,

Its indeed very splendid experience of yours along the way JSK... brother Andi is real hero..

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