D2H - Diagnosis to Hope

First of a two-day set of conferences . . . I don't know where to start. God blessed all of our efforts and we saw people changed from when they came in. There was worship, and teaching and testimonies -- we had times of laughter and times of sadness -- but mostly the goal was to let people know, "You are NOT your diagnosis, You are who the Word of God says you are!" "Fearfully and Wonderfully made." There were six sessions that were set up after the stages I went through in my own life dealing with HIV/AIDS, Accepting the Facts, Applying Faith, Managing Your Bodies, Positive Communication, Managing Your Spiritual Health & Life In Christ. We even had a time of communion for those who wanted to participate and then a time of prayer for all.

There were some challenging parts of the day as people reflected on choices in their lives and then there were times of Joy as we looked at Gods love and how he meets us at the Cross with the power of forgiveness.

So thankful to everyone who helped make the day possible from setup, translating, organizing, prayer, counseling, hospitality and just being present. Here are a few shots of the day . . .


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