Coimbatore, Children and a Cake!

I had an opportunity to spend some time with my some of my "Indian family" during spring break from "on-line" school (Mar. 11-20th). When I was in India back in the late fall of 2008 I did not have a chance to get down to see them so I had to make a point this time. I am so glad I did -- since I last left . . . Gordon was a single man who is now married to Aneesha and has a great little guy Issac. Kiruba and Isaac are doing well with Elijah who is getting really big and Henri & Rani are a blessing to be around. So thankful to my friend Dan (who lives in Canada) for introducing me to his family, who has become part of my own. They have prayed for me and for my health faithfully since 2003 --

I have observed these guys first hand going through some really challenging trials and watching them as they walk out their faith in practical ways . . . sometimes at great cost. They have been an example to me in so many ways and I thank God for them . . . and I will never forget our ride in the Ambassador and the drive near the "Stanky" river!

We had a nice dinner at Kirubas and they even blessed me with an early birthday cake as well!


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