Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Window Into India

This picture was of the back of an Auto Rickshaw -- it is the space that is supposed to be the window. This particular one has been replaced with some plastic straps that are coming apart -- they have endured much heat and wear and tear - an appropriate lens for looking into India . . . enjoy the pics that follow.

Peace from India


Aaron Clary said...

Thanks for the pictures! I love the one where 3 people ride a motorcycle! Also, the suffering you talk about helps me remember how good God is to me! Keep making a difference for Jesus, John! I am proud of you. Keep writing. May God bless your words in your book and use the words out of your mouth to bless the people of India! Sounds like smoke is coming off your keyboard. Love ya!

Prince said...

Thanks Bro. John for your observation on the Terry Duffy Home and the comments you made about it.
Come back next year with a team with you and it will be a great blessing to us.

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