Trip with Trevain and Brother Noble

We stopped at a really nice fruit stand on the way so that Trevain and Brother Noble could get some fruit for the kids. Also -- it was cool to see the chicks and Chickens on the property -- the source of food and eggs for them - -plus pets for the kids -- That is quite a bang for your cluck!

Accompanying us to the Orphanage this morning was Brother Noble from Kakinada and also Pastor Joel. Brother Noble is a retired Policeman who is now involved in full time ministry and spends his times planting churches and assisting pastors in rural churches. We has invited me to come back next year where he wants to take me to a place where I believe he said the Kaya people are staying -- there is about 200 people in the village and you have to get there by hiking up a mountain -- he said they hunt for people who come and visit and that they hunt and kill all that they eat. Sounds like an adventure. There is another place they go to called Hope Island -- which is just off a very long reef- - so you take one boat and then you have to walk on a reef in the water and then get another boat that takes you to the Island -- Next January or February . . .

looking forward to the adventure as last time I went and did ministry with Brother Noble and Trevain - -we had a wonderful time in the villages and got to meet and pray for many people. Brother Noble has an ongoing outreach into these areas and has established a very solid network of people.


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