It has been an interesting week since I got back from Dommeru - processing my time with the folks at NICE Mission and thinking about my friend who is really sick -- quite close to death actually - - praying for him to get better. I also consider the great disparity between when you live near a city in India and when you are in the village or rural areas -- how hard it is to get access to resources.

I think about how I complain sometimes when I am at a doctors appointment that my insurance covers almost completely that is a 10 minute drive from my house -- that I have to look for perhaps 3 minutes for a parking space sometimes -- that it seems like a pain in the neck. Or that perhaps on the way I was wanting to grab a Starbucks so I have something to drink while I am waiting in the lobby -- but it is crowded so I am frustrated because I was running late and I can't just get it and go -- still knowing I can get Internet access through my I-phone and I can work and stay connected pretty much with anyone in the world while I am in the lobby waiting.

I think about my friends in the village in Dommeru - they have to travel nearly 65 miles to get to a hospital and that would be by bus -- and most of the time -- they would need to ask someone for the money -- and if they don't get it -- they don't go . . .sick or not.

What a leveler . . .Thank you Lord for the reminder . . .

It has been a bit of a challenge as well - engaging in the situations that I quite naturally want to try and do something about -- I am considering perhaps a return trip in the fall that would have to be a couple months to help establish a greater sense of care for those in that area that are dealing with HIV/AIDS . . . and practically thinking -- what is the best way to move that forward -- who else is working in the area . . .etc. what is God doing in all of this?

Alas -- I still have assignments in my online courses for my studies with the University of Idaho as I work towards my Psychology degree . . .Exams next week -- I have a trip to Kerala for 4 days -- will meet Saji there and then come back together -- then back to the books.

It is interesting studying Social Psychology and also Group Dynamics while being in India -- it is quite an interesting filter to consider these concepts -- I also am continuing to learn how to juggle between these two classes that demand my immediate attention -- and the 3 classes that are self-paced which I will have 3 weeks to wrap up after I get home -- that is assuming I stay on top of them while I am here.

I have Spring Break from March 11 - 20th -- during that time I will be traveling to Coimbatore and also to Mumbai/Thane -- where I will be speaking to a group of pastors about the issue of homosexuality and the church -- a very loaded topic at a pivotal time in history . . .a break from school -- perhaps some time to work on my writing project -- share some more of my heart on paper . . .consider what is next . . .what is God doing during this time?

As India is ever evolving . . I find I can rest in the wake of her growth . . . it is peaceful there.



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