Thursday, February 17, 2011


I arrived to the place I am staying near the river after a harrowing taxi ride. I don't think you can ever get used to dodging in between trucks and motorcycles and cows and people at high speeds -- with oncoming traffic honking and darting within inches from your taxi . . . but that is India.

As a contrast to the ride here -- the place I am staying is really very peaceful - right near the river. Tomorrow morning at 8:00am I will be picked up by some of the local pastors that are working with Pastor Ravi from NICE Mission. We will be traveling to a place called Dommeru -- which is about 45 minutes over the river I am told. Pastor Ravi has been working with a couple of the Pastors at my church back home. I am here to see how their HIV/AIDS ministry is going and how I might support them in their efforts.

I will be meeting with the various village pastors and finding out about how their work is going and sharing with them some of what has been passed on to me. I will be meeting some of the local people who are actually living with HIV/AIDS and hope to encourage them. In the evening I will be joining them for a outside Meeting where the villages are being invited and I will be sharing my testimony, some music and will join the rest of the pastors in ministering to the people. On Saturday I will be visiting some local schools in the area and also will be seeing some of the local clinics and organizations that are working with those with HIV/AIDS. I am really looking forward to seeing what is happening here!

I will have more pictures and stories to come . . .for now . . .these shots are from the banks of the river quite near where I am staying.

Peace from India . .

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Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

Hey John! Super to see you in the land of the Andhras! Sheba's parents just arrived in Mumbai today! Have a wonderful time with Ravi and the brothers and sisters in the Lord's work there. Thanks for your willingness to be used by Jesus! Strength to you bro! Phil 4.13