Rajahmundry - Dommeru

I will be traveling to Rajamundry on Thursday morning --

. . . from Hyderabad and will be staying in a place near the river. Traveling about 35 minutes into a village area called Dommeru, I will be working with a group of pastors that have been working with one of my pastors in Idaho -- We will be going over their HIV/AIDS program and seeing where they are at and how I might support the work there. Also I will be sharing my story on Friday night with a group of people I think from the surrounding villages, probably doing some singing and will pray with folks as well. On Saturday I will be visiting clinics and some of the patients living with HIV/AIDS, schools and getting familiar with the surrounding areas. I am hoping to encourage them in the Lord!

Got through my Exam in my one class -- did not do as well as I would like to have done -- but did ok. Back to focusing on the book for the next 3 days before I go and then I will be working on homework in between my meetings and over the weekend while up in Rajamundry.

I hope to get some really nice shots of the area . .

check back in a bit . . .

Peace from India

here is a link for some info on Rajahmundry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rajahmundry


Aaron Clary said…
Wow John. An orphanage, adorable kids, horses in streets, pray and encouagement for so many people, awesome brothers in the Lord (Trevain and Brother Noble), sharing your story! God continues to bless you! Way to go!
Love Aaron

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