Monday, February 7, 2011

One foot in front of the other . . .

With the time I am spending working on my writing project which I hope will be a book someday, and the 2 Online Courses I am taking for University -- I am writing so much - -I am almost "written out" by the time it comes to my blog!

It has been a bit since my last entry and I have had some good days since then for sure. I have enjoyed the Church that Saji attends and the teaching has been really refreshing and I feel my spirit soaking it up and rekindling my love for the Word of God. I love the way they do communion as well -- each person gets a whole roll and so for me before each bite I am thinking about what I am doing.

I am very comfortable in sharing the place at Saji & Priya's house. We have taken turns cooking -- even though it is hard to do proper "american dishes" without all the ingredients -- but I try!

Although Priya is away at a counseling course -- Saji and I have found time to have some really good conversations and I have been learning more about what is happening with the HIV/AIDS ministry that he directs for YWAM. I will be heading down with the entire team tomorrow morning to go to The Nereekshana Clinic in downtown Hyderabad (about 45 minutes away).

I will join with them as they counsel the HIV positive patients and then have a meeting with Dr's Sujai & Lavanya about a two-day double conference that we will do in late March.

I think having a new routine allows you to incorporate things that you were not doing before. So not everyday -- but most days I am up and running or fast walking around the neighborhood and then getting some other stretching in -- additionally because the diet is different here, I have been able to buy some really healthy food -- I notice a difference -- I have dropped a bunch of weight already in 2 1/2 weeks.

I feel focused on my book - that I am writing from my gut -- things that God has poured into me -- things I have walked through and would hope to share with other believers -- keep me in your prayers that God would keep this tool sharpened!

My online courses are challenging -- Social Psychology and Group Dynamics -- it is interesting studying from an American University while in India -- but welcome to 2011. The tests, quizzes and other assignments I am trying to schedule around ministry trips that are coming up -- it is cool that this is working out -- but it does keep me on my toes!

I have such a different focus on the Lord and life when I am in India - - this is truly a second home for me and I am able to perceive His hand a bit clearer here for some reason . . .

So thankful for this opportunity to be here -- I want to be a good steward of my time. I promise to try and take some good pictures along the way -- to keep my stories brief (smile)!

Peace from India



So glad to hear an update! I am excited to be able to read this "someday" book of yours... You have much to share with us all : )

michael vinson said...

I know its difficult to stop and write updates for us back home, but persevere: love hearing how you are and what the Lord is doing!

John Forbes said...

Thanks for the encourgement Jammie & Mike!

David said...

writing is a Gog-gift, so glad you are wisely using yours. take a look at my friend Amrita's blog.
She is ministering in Allahlabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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