NeoLife Mission -- Terry Duffy Home

This home is run by my friend and the director of NeoLife Mission in Hyderabad, India -- Trevain Raj Kumar.

Trevain is the brother who hosted me for my last two trips to Hyderabad and helped organized all the conferences and meetings with me. I could not have not done the work without him. When I visited just two and 1/2 years ago the house just had a caretaker -- and a few items in it -- now it is fully furnished and there are 9 children. There is a woman who is taking really good care of the kids -- her official role is called "Warden" although she is much nicer than the wardens' we have in the states.

The kids at the Terry Duffy Home were really cute and sang some songs for us and shared some things about themselves -- we had a meal together and got to see some of the property.

A really wonderful work -- the kids are healthy and happy - -a sign of good care! Praise the Lord!


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