We had a really fun time the other night when I joined Saji and the team that work with the HIV/AIDS ministry with YWAM. They are a dedicated group of people who serve the HIV/AIDS infected communities. They do this through home health care visits, counseling, prayer -- taking people to appointments at the hospitals or social services offices -- helping access resources. Additionally, they work with Nireekshana clinic and counsel patients there as well a couple days a week. They live in community and are a really loving group.

I joined them the other night and brought along some ice-cream and a song for my contribution and then also tried to teach them Charades which they know by a different name (I forgot to write it down - can't remember it now) but it was really fun watching them play . . .they know how to have a good time.

There are a couple really short videos if you look on my video link you should be able to see them.

I am really seeing the difference between cultures that live in community and those that don't - - a big difference.

so glad I could hang out with them . . .hope to again.



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