New Puppies

Saji has a pug named Walnut -- because that is what the skin on his forehead looks like. I actually thought that he had the look of a permanent question mark? Anyway -- Walnut mated with Daphne -- Daphne is a Dachsund -- so Daphne gave birth the other day to 9 puppies -- that is right 9. They have pug faces and Daschund bodies -- really cute -- they are very small -- I have a couple photos for you to see.


Anonymous said…
Oh, they are tooooo cute for words...and what an interesting combination. (Lissa)
SarahForbes said…
They are so cute :) thanks for the pictures!! glad to hear your trip is going good :)
Tami Smith said…
Did you know Kurt and I have a Pug. We are praying for u every day. You are amazing. God is with you all around you. Seek and you shall find.

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