My drive to Hyderabad with Devo

After church service today near where I am staying, Devo, who works with Saji and the HIV/AIDS ministry with YWAM -- came with me on my drive to Hyderabad -- it was about 1 and 15 minutes down and 1 and 15 back -- Devo had to preach and I dropped him off and then we connected later in the day after my visit with Trevain -- so I drove and he gave directions -- we did well although the traffic is pretty intense -- and the rules. . . .well there aren't any! So you have to really be aware of everything. Anyway- - there were some really interesting shots on the way -- while waiting for petrol at a petrol station -- or waiting in traffic -- I got some cool pictures - I hope you enjoy! Yes that is a man with a walking cane and two live chickens turned upside down getting a ride on a bike from a stranger without any helmet . . .Only in India!


Aaron Clary said…
We are so fascinated with India. Great photos. The boys and I always pray for you every night. Love you bro. You do great work for the Lord. Stay safe.

Aaron Clary
John Forbes said…
Thanks Aaron . . . so cool that you and the boys can follow along . . .love you 2

Great to see you alive and kicking bro! Looking forward to your visit with us in March! Blessings in Jesus!

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