Thanks for all the prayers! Arrived safely in Hyderabad at 3:30am on Friday the 21st of January. After getting my bags and clearing customs -- I was greeted by two staff members Devan & Kirin of the YWAM HIV/AIDS ministry that my Friend Saji directs and was driven to Saji's place. Devan & Kirin had to get up at like 1:30 am and then drive to get me -- crazy dedication from those guys.

Arrived at the house and Saji got up to make tea and we had a short visit and then I went to get some sleep. I slept from 7:30 am to 12:00 noon and then got up and did some reading and organized my room. Saji had told me about a Graduation Ceremony from YWAM Hyderabad from the recent DTS group. We attended it and it took place on the roof of the base building with a Tent that had been erected for the event. It was nice to attend and I also saw Anand, the director of the YWAM base, where I spoke a couple years ago -- and then also Dr. Sujai & Dr. Lavanya, from Nereekshina Ministries. Dr. Sujay asked me to do a two-day conference for their patients -- so I will probably Combine Diagnosis to Discipleship & Telling Your Story for them -- we shall see. Only a matter of a few hours in the country and already a great open door . .

It feels very peaceful to be here -- I am so thankful for my new Church family and friends in Idaho (and Washington) for the Love, Support and sendoff that I received.

It is a new day, a new opportunity and I am thanking God for what He will do.


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