Countdown . . .

It is now 10:53 am and I am in the last phase of prep for my trip. Taking care of banking, stuff around the house, packing and also making sure that I have all that I need for 1) School for the online courses I am taking and the other classes that I have just reading assignments for, 2) my writing materials for the book I am working on, 3) Conference and Speaking Materials for the weekend trips to the different cities around India and some other things as well. In 31 hours I will start my journey to Hyderabad, India -- which will take about 43 hours. I think this is the longest journey I have taken overseas. Due to using miles for part of the ticket and looking to save some money on the ticket -- I am going to pay for it in different ways I think (smile!)

I look forward to sharing the things along the way . . .



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