Here are some of the comments from the participants in the Telling Your Story Conference about how attending affected them -- listed anonymously:


"I feel free-er when I move around Bhekuwandle" -- A Young Man

" I was struggling with depression. My husband had died and my baby has a disability. I was considering going to the railway station and committing suicide at the end of last week. After the Telling Your Story Conference -- I actually told my neighbors that my baby has HIV and that I am positive as well. I have a new boldness." A Young Woman

"I was able to go to church for the first time -- I was not afraid. When I see John -- how healthy he looks -- it makes me feel like I am not alone or even sick -- I just feel hope." A Woman

"When we did the Stand & Deliver program -- I felt courage -- I feel stronger." A Woman

"Telling Your Story has given me hope. His Healing & Your Story section was powerful - -God met me in the prayer time. I felt my spirit released." A Woman

"I have struggled with my sister harassing me and making my life very hard because she is fearful and hard on me for my status. During His Healing & Your Story I prayed that God would do something for her and help her change. When I came back from the conference -- she was totally different -- she has stopped attacking me -- God has done a miracle." A woman

"Chart It Out . . was impactful for me -- I was remembering how I had terrible pain when I was sick and how God has healed my body. It made me grateful." A woman

"I felt safe and lots of love with everyone -- we are all positive and there was lots of love in the room -- It made me strong." A Woman

"Hearing other stories helped me -- many people struggle -- it made me feel not alone." A Woman

"I lost my mom over 20 years ago -- I am still grieving -- His Healing & Your Story was powerful -- Paul prayed for me and I felt better." A Young Man

"Charting It Out -- was painful -- it reminded me by listing it that my sister and mom were gone -- it made me sad but also helped to talk about it." A Young Man

"His Healing & Your Story -- the prayer really helped me." A Young Woman

"I did not want to leave when it was over." A Young Woman


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