Heather Liebenberg invited me to speak at one of the sessions for the Womens' Conference for the Kwa Zulu Natal Nazarene Denomination. I spoke during the Health section and addressed the issue of HIV/AIDS. I had a very lively translator named Catherine who was even more animated that I am! How fun to see my words translated into Zulu with such zeal!

Isaiah came along and did a good job at capturing some photos and for helping me set up some of the sound system.

I tried to be encouraging with the ladies and at the same time gave them a strong mandate to move into this ministry as so many are still dying unnecessarily in this country which holds the highest statistics in the world. After nearly 9 years of ministry in this area -- there is still way more the church can do -- the Stigma in the community is beyond belief -- that to this day it still holds people captive.

Praying that God would set people free -- and that perhaps a world-changer was in the room yesterday.

I am so grateful to have a platform and to be a voice -- God is gracious to us all.


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