I had the pleasure of preaching at Calvary Church, where Heather Liebenberg is the pastor. It is a Nazarene Church that is near Westville, near Durban. I was very happy for the opportunity to be back at Calvary as I had spoken there in the past when Derek was alive and visited a few times. I have many friends there and it was good to be back to say hello. I preached from Luke on the story of the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus. We ended with a time of communion together and I closed with singing the song Healing Rain.

It is always a blessing to bring a message because while you are challenging others you are challenged yourself. I really like this story in Luke because it actually has so many nuggets in it for our growth and understanding. It ends with the power of communion an the transformation that takes place for the disciples when Jesus broke bread with them after he had risen from the dead. The full power of the gospel was manifested in the remembrance -- and each time we come to the table, in his name, we have access to the same power -- if we are willing to examine ourselves and let the Holy Spirit search out our hearts and be willing to repent -- all of Heaven it seems comes to our defense. "When he broke bread with them . . . .their eyes were opened."

We had the opportunity to go for a meal afterwards with Heather and a young woman name Gina and her little daughter -- caleb calls the girl "baby" and loved being photographed with her.


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