After Church, Pastor Praise Nkosi, Pastor James Nbyala, Isaiah and myself went for a tour in Soweto. Praise took us through some of the significant locations where part of the uprising that took place in 1976 actually happened. Some of which started at Morris Issaacson High School where young people refused to learn the Afrikaanse language and the oppression that was coming down through Apartheid -- there is a statue that represents the stand. Also there was the Regina Mundi Catholic Church which became the safe haven for those who were fleeing the riots. There were stained glass windows that memorialize the events along with leaving an altar that has broken edges where the butts of rifles where used to attack people -- and there are holes still in the roof where bullets were fired. There was also a memorial to Hector Pieterson a young black boy who was the first to be killed in this terrible time.


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