I will be leaving on Saturday August 7th to San Francisco where I will pick up my nephew Isaiah and on the 8th we will leave for New York and then Johannesburg, South Africa. It will be 6 1/2 hours to New York and then another 17hours to Jo'berg. I will be conducting an HIV/AIDS Seminar in Soweto at a pastor friends church called Living Tabernacle. The conference is called from Diagnosis to Discipleship -- all day on Saturday August 14th -- then I will be speaking at Living Tabernacle on the 15th. We will fly to Durban on the 16th where we will be for 3 weeks doing various things -- working with kids at Seed of Hope ministries, conducting another conference called "Telling Your Story" -- visiting people in Bhekulwandle -- speaking at some other churches and helping a team from Seed of Hope get ready to tour the United States -- coaching on speaking and presentation.

We will get a couple days at Kruegar National Park and many wonderful things to share for sure -- please follow along so you can take the trip with us and keep us in your prayers.



Hooray! So glad that you guys are off! Will be praying for you as you are used by the Lord for the glory of His name! Have a wonderful experience - we know you will be blessing many.

With lots of love and prayers,

Andi and Sheba, Asha and Enoch Eicher
Anonymous said…
Hello to both of you!
Isaiah,and John!
We thought of you the day you took off. Lloyd, Julie and I were on holidays and were sitting in some cafe, when we all realized at the same time what day it was.
May God be with you, and may you be forever changed!
Your itinerary sounds very interesting I look forward to keeping posted....

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