Looking For Animals Looking For Us . . . ?

Hopefully this won't be our experience today as we head into Kruger National Park for the day to try and see some of the Animals. This is winter time here and still quite cool for this region - the park is like 65,000 acres -- you could be here for a week - -we have a day but I really wanted my nephew Isaiah to experience the animals in their natural environment . . . real pics to come....


Anonymous said…
WOAH! That is like a scene of out Jurassic Park. I know it is not a TREX but being in that car while a several ton beast is above me would be very scarey!
So glad for you 2 - make a difference for the Kingdom! Praying for you - and proud of you!


Andi, Sheba, Asha and Enoch
Cindy said…
If anyone can handle an elephant riding with them, you can John. Isaiah may find his company less amusing that yours.

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