Monday, August 23, 2010


Musa runs the after school program at Seed of Hope and has done a wonderful job with these kids. It is very rare to find Zulu men really taking initiative in leadership in the community and on top of that to be a Christian -- so his contribution is wonderful.

(I will be uploading a pic of Musa soon)

Each day from 3:00 - 4:00 about 25-35 kids meet with him and he goes over various topics during the week. Some addressing homework issues from school -- sometimes it is issues of health or life skills -- all great input for these kids. This is a place where they can be real and discuss whatever.

I had the opportunity to spend an hour with them and share some of my testimony with them but focused primarily on the issue of HIV/AIDS. I wanted to find out what they knew and to also have a time of questions and answers with them. Be careful when you step into a classroom for 11-16 year olds as the questions are usually pretty honest and raw and a few of them caught me off guard. But I came to minister to them and to be a "real" voice -- so here it came!

And the end of the session I believe we had a great time and I hope they went away with a greater understanding about HIV/AIDS, what is happening specifically in their community -- how to live in such a way that is going to ensure long life and to let them know that Life ultimately is made up of choices.

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Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

Hooray! Keep John and Isaiah! Great to 'be along with you' on the journey!