Saturday, May 8, 2010


A Poem in response to reading Dante's Inferno for my Western Literature Class.....


His love was creative and the world came to be
and it was good

His love was inclusive and we came to be
and it was very good

His love was generous and we inherited the earth
and it was just getting started, but then

His love was questioned and then rejected
we were deceived and then a choice was made
Then we were naked and we covered our shame
sensing the separation He came looking for us
it was her fault, no it was his fault, no it was his fault

death entered life

darkness covers the earth

years would unfold and attempts would be made
to return to the place - before the shame
where it was good, yes very good
but alas by a choice
that place would exist only in a hearts desire
always allusive
a memory of once what was --

He who was first came to reach His creation
walking among us - defeating temptation
a perfect attempt at a life without sin
He laid it all down in death for us
a way has been made to now enter back in
back to the place where it was good
and for us it was very good

the inferno awaits for the devil and his angles
and for those who choose to reject Him
for us, His love, it was never intended
the inferno produces fear at the thought of its power however,

Nothing can compare with the intensity of His love
it never stops reaching, embracing, calling

His Love is eternal and has extinguished the inferno

Peace in Shanghai!

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