Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Last weekend, I had the privilege of being with the Inter varsity Christian Fellowship of Olds College in Alberta, Canada. We stayed at Camp Harmattan just outside of town and there was about 25 people in attendance. I was invited by my friend Katie Houck who heads up the ministry and was asked to speak to this group of young people. Many of them were just about to finish their studies at Olds College and would be moving onto the next phase in their life and some of them were just transitioning into another year.

No matter where they were going -- God really joined us this weekend. For me it was great to have a chance to be ministering again in this way -- since I have settled in my new house in Post Falls, Idaho -- it has been a real adjustment not travelling as much. I believe God has me in this season for a reason -- but it is challenging for me sometimes. Anyway -- after arriving in Calgary in the afternoon -- I got my car and drove to my friends Linford & Rhonda's house and had a quick visit on my way to the Retreat Center -- thankfully I asked them for some linens as they really came in handy with the cold. After a quick visit I was on my way to the Camp.

On Friday night in the evening I shared my testimony and used that as the basis for the weekend of God's faithfulness and His grace and the power of its reach into my life and to the life over everyone in fact. The Theme for the weekend was about Intimacy with God -- that it takes place between two people -- Jesus had it with His father -- and developing it with us requires us to first look at how God sees us and then how we see him. Each of the 2 sessions on Saturday were given to each of these topics. On Saturday morning we started out with a group of questions that really set the pace for the day:

1) Name your 3 most significant relationships and why?
2) Which is the most significant?
3) Is that person still in your life?
4) If you had 5 minutes to evacuate your home -- what 3 things could you not live without?
5) If you only had one year left to live -- how would you spend your time and are you living that way now?

and then on Sunday morning we summarized and ended up taking communion together and having some good time of prayer and praise.

I was grateful for the individuals in attendance and their honesty with themselves and with each other --

Saturday night around the camp fire and yes.....having smores -- we got into some really great theologial debates -- loves those.

I think the more opportunities I have to share with younger people I see the tremendous opportunity to pour into others what God has built in me along with the way and I am encouraged. I was reminded this weekend that this kind of ministry is very core to how God has wired me and I look forward for more oportunities to try and love the Lord by serving his body.....

"If you love me....feed my lambs" John 21:17


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