Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Get Ready, Put Your Feet Down It's time to Walk

I was traveling on a bus in New York City from uptown - down to my office on 44th between Broadway & 8th. I observed a woman who was taking care of her two daughters. They were probably in their late 30's -- they were twins and they were mentally and physically challenged. I observed the way this mom was watching them and also thinking about the sacrifices this woman must make, along with the rest of her family in order to provide care for her children -- not knowing if she has others as well. I thought about how these kids are pretty much dependent on her and their Dad, in order to survive. Some people could have made a decision to institutionalize children like this.......they will be with her their whole life......

It reminded me when I was in 7th grade -- I had a chance to volunteer and help the special education class and I was assigned to Billy & Diane who were physically and mentally challenged -- I loved being around them -- they made me feel totally comfortable with them and I felt like there was no pretense about them -- authentic -- childlike -- Billy always had someone chasing him as he constantly wanted to take his clothes off and he was trying to Kiss Diane at every opportunity -- Diane in turn was always running from Billy -- never a dull moment with those two.....I forgot all about the terrible peer pressure of trying to fit in -- they made me focus on the best part of who I was in 7th grade.......

back to the bus in New York ......just before the next stop the mom informed the girls, "Get ready, put your feet down.....were going to start to walk"

I thought of the care and forethought that this mother puts in for her kids and the patience at guiding them each step of the way --- it made me think of the thoughts that the Lord has about us........and what He thinks every morning just before we wake up.........."Get ready, put your feet down......were going to start to walk."


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