Today at Ellel, we are learning about forgiveness -- a topic that has been taught many times before. Today an interesting point was brought up when they mentioned in the prayer Jesus taught the disciples to pray in Matt. 6, "...forgive us as we forgive those who sin against us...." There is a cause an affect in this prayer -- however not just the obvious -- we are not forgiven if we don't forgive those who sin against us and the laws of unforgivenes can still operate in our life -- those of judgement. We might not believe in gravity but if we step off a cliff -- it will operate and have its full affects on our life whether we participate in the reality of it or not -- so it is with unforgivenss. There are spiritual laws of cause and affect and judgement and curses and such that can operate in our life when we don't forgive.

It has opened up a new sense of reverence for me -- as I consider the holiness of God -- what He has done for me in forgiving me of my sins, past, present and future and how what a challenge I have to move in that forgivenes towards others. Sometimes this is a tall order --

Forgivenes is a decision of the will -- not a feeling -- feelings of mistrust, hurt, etc., can still be present in forgiveness. Forgivenes is a decision -- Healing is a process and a result -- but this can take time. Our job is to walk in the spiritual laws of forgivenes and look to the One, Jesus, who can heal us.

I have known much of this before -- but I feel I am looking at it in a whole new light at this point in my life. I am profoundly moved at the thought of the volnerability of Jesus and how he moved on this planet and what he must have felt, especially in regards to rejection and how he continued to be loving towards everyone -- how incredible is that -- when you really take that in -- what an example......


one of the greatest acts of forgiveness I know of was a missionary wife who forgave her husband after he had an affair with another missionary - and attempted to kill his wife by pushing her off a cliff.

She broke her neck. All three were fired from the mission and sent home in disgrace. But she forgave him and they were reconciled.

They returned to the country they were serving some time later and served God for many more years.

It still takes my breath away.

Paul says - this is a trust-worthy saying - that Christ came into the world to save sinners - of which I am the worst. True of me too.

Blessings bro!

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