That is what I have been looking for -- a time to study the bible, learn more about what we can expect from God regarding healing and deliverance in our own lives and the lives of those that we would minister to -- I come to the 9-week School at Ellel Ministries with great expectations and a sense of excitement as I discover this wonderful physical part of the world here, the grounds of the building where this program takes place. It is in Lancaster which is a lovely little town that is about 50 minutes north of Manchester and very, very green right now and a bit wet as well.

I am with 31 other participants who represent 17 different nations. I am looking forward to getting to know them -- already had some great conversations. There happens to be two pianos in this wonderful Huge House and I have already enjoyed playing and singing -- something I have missed for sometime, having given up my apartment 3 years ago and giving my piano to my dad.

......I look forward to jotting down my thoughts as we go with perhaps a few photos as well -- I hope you take the journey with me.



Hooray John! We are so glad. May the Lord bless you richly - as you continue to bless others - and the Lord Himself! Love from your Thane family!

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