...... took some shots while on the back of a scooter -- very heavy traffic in certain parts of the city. Also there is what is called "load-sharing" which means that there are times during the day where electricity does not work -- that means even hotels -- that you pay to stay in -- don't have things that work - like the lights, or sockets, etc. they only work 4 hours during the day and it is usually when you have other things planned like between 12:00 noon and 4:00pm the power is on -- and also during 12:00 midnight and 4:00am -- the rest of the time -- it is on generator -- but phones don't work, light switches don't -- really hard trying to get stuff done -- I am staying in a hotel that is very cheap - about $20.00 US per night -- however -- it is weird to not have anything work -- it is like playing "hotel." I am growing in patience -- and loosing it all at the same time (God help me!)

some interesting shots around this very old city........I feel like I am back in time for sure.....


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