I had a chance to do a live radio show tonight that went out to 3,000,000 (million) people. It is the only Christian Radio Station in Nepal and has been on the air for 2 years. This particular program was run by a guy from Pastor Bishwa's Church -- with commercials (by the way -- I was asked to do their new Radio Intro -- so I did a gratis Voice-Over for them.

I had a chance to share my story of living with AIDS and how the love of Jesus has strengthened me in my life. I was also asked about my time in Nepal and what I would hope to do in the future -- I think because I am really tired today -- I did not focus on how many people were listening or I would have been more nervous -- it is amazing to me that so many people can hear the same thing at the same time -- crazy.....

They announced the Youth Program that we are doing this Friday -- so who knows how many people will show up.....we shall see.



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