We had a chance to meet Pastor Weston of the Wesley Church (I am doing a concert/sharing this Friday Night in an outdoor area). You can see him in the photo with Vijay and myself. Vijay is a part of that congregation and is the one organizing this Fridays event. There will be a big draw from the local colleges. You can see the outside of the Original Church which was constructed in 1927. This was actually a matter of meters from where the King of the Muslims was located -- so you can notice in the architecture that it incorporated many aspects of the local flavor and the Cross was added later. I loved the stain glass windows on the inside. They are going to construct a new church and hope to build something that will last for the next 50 years -- seating capacity of 10,000. I suggested it would be great to keep this original building as part of the cornerstone if at all possible -- it is a great building. Looking forward to this Friday.....


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