SVNP+ (Society Visakhapatnam Positives)

We had a chance to go and speak to a group of HIV Positive people who have formed their own organization called SVNP+. In a city and a country where Stigma has forced many people down -- it is really exciting to see them being mobilized. On this particular day, they were meeting with a few different groups, along with a consortium of medical doctors who were going to be treating some of them for various things. One of the sponsors was also UNAIDS.

Samuel was able to translate for me -- it was a challenge with one microphone -- tag team!

A.G.M. Association of Gospel Ministries had invited me to come and speak -- they sponsor the SVNP+ with food parcels each month. Well it was a good time to share my story and also to encourage those who came that God's love can impact them along with medication and other areas that they were focused on -- We had a time of question and answers as well. It is always great to hear from the people what is on their minds -- it gives me insight as to how they perceive what I am saying and I learn alot from it.

I hope to work with A.G.M. in the future.


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