I arrived in Hyderabad about 7 days ago -- I am staying at the Catholic Retreat Center again -- it is quiet and simple. There is not enough water pressure for a shower so you fill up buckets and bucket bathe -- there is also no hot water - I didn't want to have them bring up buckets of hot water in the morning so I am just "waking up" quicker! It makes me appreciate things and is also a reminder of how blessed we are in the west.

I have many programs coming up, A Pastors Conference on February 28th, A Concert on Feb. the Wesley Church Grounds (it will be an outdoor concert of about 2000 people), Addressing the Staff of YWAM Hyderabad on the 16th and Speaking to the Youth at Hyderabad Baptist on the Evening of the 16th. The Hyderabad Baptist is where i did the youth rally last year -- the big church. I am also speaking there in the English service this Sunday night the 15th. In between I am seeing friends and colleagues and connecting up for future works -- the Lord has blessed me with a very big network of people around the world -- I am a blessed man.

.....I'll add more as I go....



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