Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The conference got off to a good start on Saturday with a good group coming together. Samuel Singh and his mother, R. Padmini from CEPHAS Gospel Ministries worked tirelessly to prepare the details with musicians, interpreter, posters, invitations, food for an army and all and all we had a good day. I shared my testimony and about living with HVI/AIDS in the first session and then in the second session, shared about A.G.A.P.E. Ministry and what we were doing around the world and then had a question answer time for those who attended. The first question will go down in history -- but I will save sharing that for my book! (it's a good one!)

There was a bit of a hard surface that i felt we were cracking through with this group -- and I guess some of that comes from moving into territory that people have not walked in before -- and so you are tilling the ground. Nonetheless, I had a chance to pray for and encourage those who attended and I believing that we have begun to lay a foundation that hopefully will be built up to impact the city and those in the infected and affected communities.

In the picture - -Samuel is to my right and the worship leader to my left!


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