I had the privilege of meeting Paul Pulla, the Founder and Managing Director of Aradana Broadcasting International. It is a Christian Television Station that is just getting started. Trevain from NeolifeMission Trust and also Vijay Kumar introduced me this gentleman who has started a great work in his home. They built a studio and are eventually going to give the whole house over as the studio -- They are in the beginning stages but have a very high standard of excellence. I was asked to share my story of living with AIDS. The broadcast will take place in a couple months and will go out to all of Andrah Pradesh, to the Telegu Speaking individuals (which is the language of this region). It is a whole other ballgame when you have to look at yourself in TV monitors and be aware of how you look and sound, etc. A exercise in discipline to focus on the message at hand. Trevain did a great job interviewing me -- and it was fun.


Keep going bro! Its so important to get the message out. Who knows who may be watching = and when. May God continue to give you and instructed tongue, with words to sustain the weary!

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